Custom Agreements Policy

Last Updated: 27 September 2017

Containerize, is a technology company focused on building the best software products in the world. In order to maintain that focus we have a small business team, so that we can have a greater number of developers and support staff. The time and costs associated with negotiating and managing custom agreements is high; therefore, our agreement policies must be more conservative so that we can continue to build better products and services.

Pre-purchase Agreements

Pre-purchase agreements are any agreements requested prior to a purchase being made. Examples include nondisclosure agreements, evaluation agreements and other similar documents. Containerize is unable to accommodate any pre-purchase agreements. Our End User License Agreement contains language for evaluations, and confidentiality. The terms of the End User License Agreement apply once an evaluation is installed, so it’s possible the End User License Agreement may contain the types of assurances requested in other pre-purchase agreements.

Customized License Agreement

Containerize is willing to accept limited changes to our End User License Agreement. All changes must be made in the Containerize agreement wizard. The wizard outlines areas of the license agreement that Containerize is willing to change, to minimize negotiation time, in order to make efficient use of our clients’ time and resources.

One must be willing to purchase Enterprise Support in order to negotiate a custom license agreement. More information regarding Enterprise Support can be found in the support section. If negotiations are unsuccessful, then there is no obligation to purchase Enterprise Support. Contact the sales team for access to the Containerize agreement wizard.

The negotiation of a customized license agreement is expected to be fully concluded in a reasonable time. In the event an agreement cannot be settled upon in a timely manner Containerize reserves the right to charge an additional fee.
##### NDA

In Section 7 of the End User License Agreement. there is NDA style language. When sharing sensitive content with any Containerize Team Member, simply include a “Confidential Information” note and any data or files will be covered and treated with the utmost confidentiality. Containerize is unable to make any additional warranties aside from what is included in the End User License Agreement.

Questionnaires and Forms

Containerize has limited administrative resources which is why we decline to fill out long questionnaires or forms. Where possible we will provide you with the documents or links to our website where you can find the information yourself. If the forms are necessary for your purchase and we are unable to oblige then we will direct you to a local reseller who can assist with those forms and the purchase of our products on our behalf.