In this section you can find detailed security information, how we handle critical security issues within our products, how to deal with License, Software and Intellectual Property theft, our Data Security policies and our System Status and Availability portal.
Customer Data and Security

Details about our physical and network security, data security, backups, payment information and more …

License and Software Theft

If you think a Containerize license or software product is being used in a way it shouldn’t be, please tell us about it.

Intellectual Property Theft

If you believe a Containerize product has been decompiled, repackaged or plagiarized, let us know so we can alert unsuspecting victims about potential security issues they may be unaware of. More …

System Status and Availablity

System uptime and availability is a major priority for us, check system uptime for all of our core systems and subscribe to status notifications from our System Status page. More …